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Product & Sales Copy:

We worked with a highly converting copywriting genius to construct an incredible piece of long sales copy, and it converts incredibly well with targeted traffic.

Surviving Divorce gives men and women struggling through divorce (a large segment of our community) all the knowledge they need to get through the pain and heartache of divorce. This means that the customer's purchase of Surviving Divorce really helps them move on to a brighter and happier life, which means that you as an affiliate not only make big commissions, but get to help people in the process.

The Memberships & Commissions:

Price: $47, 75% commission paid like clockwork from ClickBank.

=>> You Make Approx $32 Per Sale

Upsell Price: $47, 75% commission via ClickBank.

=>> You Make Approx $32 Per Sale

e up to $64 for every Surviving Divorce Sale!



Before you get started, you need to signup for a clickbank account, if you don't already have one. Its free and only takes a few minutes to signup to. Head over to Clickbank and register now! Once you have selected your nickname then you can replace the XXXX in the hoplinks below for your own Clickbank ID and start making commissions straight away. Putting your Clickbank ID in the link makes sure that you get credit for all the sales you refer, so please don't forget to add that step.

Once you have got your account setup, you can start by using all the tools I have setup for you to promote the site. The large majority of this material can be copy-and-pasted and used with little to no effort. All you need to do is use the tools and profit from promoting this website.

Affiliate Tools:

My team have created some killer affiliate resources and pre-sells for you to use to promote the Avoiding The Credit Crunch manual to your list or on your website/blog.

Your hoplink is


XXXX = Your clickbank account name.

Text Links:

Add a simple text link to your website, they don't take up much room, and can make you some good commissions. Make sure you change the XXXX to your Clickbank Affiliate ID.

Your Affiliate Link Information:

Your hoplink is:


XXXX = Your clickbank account name.

Highly Converting PPC Keywords:

To get you started on your adwords campaign, here are some highly targeted
keywords using the "survive divorce" keywords.

Here are some fantastic keywords using the "divorce custody" keywords.

Here are some "alimony divorce" keywords with huge visitor value from each customer.

For more of the long-tail keywords and cheap well converting terms check out the excellent software package Keyword Elite.

Promotional Emails:

We have written an email template for affiliates to blast to their lists, but feel free to edit it as much as you want to better suit your subscribers...

Affiliate Email Promo:

Affiliate Banners Section:

NOTE - although you can use the banner display code as shown, we HIGHLY recommend that you save the banners to your server and change the code to display them from your server for maximum speed.

Highly Converting Traffic Masterclass Banners:

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If you have a question please feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you straight away.

I look forward to working with you and making you a huge chunk of cash from promoting Surviving Divorce to a buyer-hungry marketplace.

To your success!

Kimberly and the entire Surviving Divorce Secrets team!


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