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Dear Fellow Divorce Warrior,

Have you recently been faced with the sudden prospect of divorce? Has your husband and wife turned around and, without warning, told you that they want out? Maybe you only sense that things are going so badly between you that a divorce is a real possibility... maybe you and your spouse are incredibly happy but you want to be prepared for the worst should the unexpected happen one day...

If you fit into any of these categories, then this could be the most important letter you’ve ever read!

As of today, there’s hope and there’s advice. There is real help to be had and I am here to offer this to you today. There are genuine strategies that can ensure the best divorce outcome for YOU. And I’ve put all this information and research into one tell-all book....

The Divorce Survival Guide contains everything you need to know if:

You and your spouse are currently going through a divorce

You’re worried that a divorce is on the horizon

You want to make sure that your personal well-being and livelihood is always protected!

You want to make sure that your children never want to for anything

You want to keep your shirt AND your self-respect through your divorce

Just think about what a divorce could really mean for you, what the consequences might be!

If you were divorcing, would you:

Have enough money on your own?

Have a place to live?

Be able to look after your children’s material and physical needs?

Be able to pay the household bills on your own, without any financial assistance?

Be able to afford a lawyer?

Be able to come to an agreement about the custody of your children?

Know what sort of lawyer to look for, and know how to react to the divorce proceedings?

Know what to even ask your lawyer, or demand from the divorce?

If you answered “No”, or “I don’t know” to any of these questions, then you simply MUST get your hands on your copy of this Divorce Survival Guide and enter your details below to get our FREE Newsletter:

You see, the questions above are all critical, burning questions that everyone going through a divorce faces, but very few have the answer to.  There are so many unknowns and so many scary situations you need to face. Whether you are a male or female, divorces are confronting and distressing. But they do NOT have to be nasty, war-like, unresolved, evil disaster zones! Not when you come to the table equipped with the knowledge contained in this Divorce Survival Guide!

So if you want a quick, fair, amicable divorce where you get exactly what you need and keep your self-respect in the process, then this is probably the most important book you will ever read!


If your husband has asked for a divorce, are you prepared?

This book covers everything you need to know about getting and preserving your own little nest-egg of cash, how to find the right kind of lawyer, what you need to ask for in the divorce negotiations and settlement, and how to make sure you get the security and stable future you need for yourself and your children!

If you’ve asked your husband for a divorce, there are things you must do first!

Learn the important first steps you must take before asking for a divorce, and the strategy you need to follow for the best outcome. If you’re escaping an abusive relationship, then there’s an extra set of knowledge and tactics we have to teach you that you simply cannot afford to ignore!


If divorce is on the table, are you ready for what’s next?

Have you got the financial strategies in place that will enable you to keep supporting your children and their mother but not lose on your lifestyle or dreams? Are you prepared for the consequences of shared custody? Do you know what you need to demand in the divorce settlement, so that you don’t end up poor and bitter? Do you know how to avoid those nasty dirty tactics that will only cause you to lose all self-respect for yourself? There are ways to keep the assets and personal freedom that YOU need without turning into a monster in the process! So if you want to keep your self-respect and the respect and love of your children, you must read this book!

As you can see, you just cannot afford to go through a divorce process unless you come prepared! There is so much you need to know, and it can be very daunting and scary trying to find all this information out from your divorce lawyer or friends who have been through a divorce...
That’s why we lay it all out in this Divorce Survival Guide! We make it simple, fast, and relevant, so you can go through your divorce armed with the certainty that you are divorce warrior who will survive the experience and emerge whole, happy, and secure in your new exciting future!

In this Divorce Survival Guide, you’ll discover:

How to get your divorce without losing your lifestyle

How to know if your spouse is cheating

How to catch a cheating spouse

How to budget for sudden lawyer fees and maintain your usual lifestyle

The roadmap to financial protection and a solid financial future

What kind of information you need to provide about your spouse

How to plan for a divorce or separation

What to do before you tell your spouse that you want a divorce, and when to tell them

How to maximise a fair alimony

How to help your children deal with the divorce sensitively

How to understand your current financial status fully

How to take control of your financial future

How to save hundreds to thousands of dollars in lawyers’ fees

When to hire a lawyer, and what kind of lawyer to look for

How to deal with shared marital debt

How to choose the best lawyer for your case

How to prepare for your initial consultation with your lawyer

Understand how lawyers advise men to hide of assets to reduce settlements

Be able to spot those dirty lawyer tricks and stop them in their tracks

How to recognize nasty divorce tricks your spouse might try to play

And so much more...

Think about it, can you honestly afford not to discover these secrets?? Without them, your personal and financial future and security WILL suffer!

Too many divorcing husbands and wives act on impulse, demanding a divorce, becoming angry and irrational, running out and hiring a bull-dog lawyer, and then ending up in months of nasty, expensive in-court divorce proceedings.

Let me tell you, the only person who wins in this scenario is the lawyer!

Yes, they get rich as they bill you for every chat, phone call and appearance, while you struggle just to get by everyday and find the will to get up in the morning...

There is an easier way!

And in this Divorce Survival Guide, you’ll discover the simplest, fastest way to a successful divorce and a brighter future!

Here’s another quick taste of what you’ll find out inside this Divorce Survival Guide:

Why you simply must have ready cash at all times

How to calculate your minimum needs so that you know that you get a fair settlement and some

Understand custody issues so that you can calculate the support your children need

How to deal with shared custody and structured visitation issues

How to minimize the stress and confusion and pain of the divorce on your children

How to negotiate lawyers’ fees

How to work confidently and effectively with your lawyer

The importance of image in court and how to dress to win your case

How to deal with child custody issues and the types of allegations of parental conduct that frequently come up

And much, much more...

Yes, the Divorce Survival Guide really is the one-stop-shop financial and personal powerhouse of information that you simply cannot afford not to read!

Isn’t it time you got your hands on this incredible Divorce Survival Guide?

Remember, this is relevant and critical information whether you are in the middle of divorce proceedings, on the verge of filing for divorce, worried divorce is on the horizon, or just plain want to be prepared for the worst should your happy marriage turn sour one day!

But wait, you may be thinking, is this something I’m going to be able to afford?

Everything related to a divorce is complicated and expensive, right??


The most important thing to me was making this information widely accessible and affordable! I had zero interest in becoming such wannabe lawyer shark, fleecing the pockets of those who need every spare penny they have when facing a divorce!

Instead, I wanted to be able to help as many people as possible to ensure they won’t face the same nasty, soul-destroying divorce I once faced! I wanted to provide a comprehensive and honest manual at incredible value...

And that’s why you can obtain your copy of the Divorce Survival Guide for...

surviving divorce

Just think about the value of what you’re getting, and the money you’ll be saving!

You’ll be receiving a completely researched, proven, tried and tested set of strategies and tactics to help you survive YOUR divorce... this will save you thousands, tens of thousands, maybe even HUNDREDS of thousands when it comes to your divorce settlement!

And, because you can go to your meetings with your divorce lawyer armed to the teeth with this incredible knowledge and secrets, you’re going to know what to ask and what to organise and demand... and that alone will save you THOUSANDS in lawyers’ fees over time!

And just to make it even easier for you to decide that you simply must obtain your copy of this Divorce Survival Guide, I am going to offer you a...


Yes, I am so confident that you will truly benefit from and appreciate the amazing secrets in the Divorce Survival Guide that I will give you every cent of your money back if you ask for it!

So  if for any reason at all you’re not completely satisfied with the information provided to you in this comprehensive, phenomenal guide, simply request  a refund and you will receive it... no questions, no fuss!

Yours in Divorce Success, and here’s to a brighter future!


divorce support

PS. Think about it... can you afford NOT to obtain the incredible information and tactics contained in the Divorce Survival Guide? These strategies can save you thousands to TENS OR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in lawyers’ fees and your divorce settlement!

PPS. This is critical reading for any adult! Whether you are facing a divorce trial, about to file for divorce, or happily married but want to be prepared for any contingency, then you MUST read the Divorce Survival Guide and secure a strong and prosperous future for yourself and your children!


surviving divorce


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